A gift from me to you! Thanks to BLACKTIED!


Hi guys!

Recently i posted a post about a surprise that was coming your way which involved something personalised, and here it is!

I have been in contact recently with the online independent jewellery shop Black Tied and they have very kindly created a personalised discount code for you readers, which i will reveal at the end of this post!

After communicating with them, i purchased two items off their website, which are their top sellers! These are the their pure aluminium silver cuff bracelets. You can either purchase a ready printed one with different symbols on them, or for the same price, can personalise your own with letters, numbers and symbols! This is perfect for those special, thoughtful presents, or even to remember a significant moment or time in your own life. 

I bought two, and as one of these was a birthday gift, i have had to wait until today to put this post up, as they have now received it!

My first cuff bracelet was for myself, and had the coordinates of where i consider home on it. As ive constantly moved around the world for the past 8-9 years of my life, ive always had one place which i’ve considered my permanent home, this being Scotland. And i thought this was a lovely idea to have on my cuff, as i can always carry home with me, wherever i am, and whichever country i’m in. I also had the ‘ohm’ sign printed onto the cuff openings, as it is a hindu symbol that represents spiritual perfection with yourself. Its meaning is that of absolute knowledge and it encompasses all of creation. It is the symbol for divine energy and creation.




The second was for one of the best people i’ve ever met, and it was her 20th birthday recently, so i thought it would be the perfect present for her! I originally asked black Tied whether it would be possible to have the letters printed on the inside of the cuff (as i’m sure she wouldn’t want to be walking around with HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY written across her wrist every day) but as the printing leaves a mark on the opposite side of the cuff, this wasn’t possible. So i changed my request to having her date of birth printed, with a sun either side of it, and on the cuff openings was a 2 and a 0, creating 20 when the cuff endings were close.




When it comes to fit, and sizing, they are made in one size only. And usually this would worry me as i have the worlds tiniest wrists, and struggle to find any bracelets that fit! But with these, you can mould them into the size you need and the fit you like! They’re incredibly easy to squeeze into size, but are also amazing at keeping in the shape you put them in.

If you’re someone that generally keeps jewellery on for long periods of time these are perfect, as they aren’t the the most convenient to put on and take off multiple times, as that requires a lot of bending of your cuff, unless you like it to loosely fit.

Im absolutely in love with mine, and its definitely a purchase i don’t regret! Its just gorgeous.

If you’re interested in one of your own, or anything else off of their website, i have a special discount code which you can use at checkout to get you 15% off!

Visit www.blacktied.co.uk 


This code is valid from today (20th Feb) for a month (till 20th March) which gives you a long time to get creative with your personalisation! and even possibly buy a second round if you fall in love as much as i did!

All cuffs are £12, which i feel is beyond reasonable! And other products vary in price but are also fabulously priced.

follow them on instagram: @blacktied they are very good at keeping you updated, answering questions, and posting their recent personalised orders! Seeing yours up on their page makes you super impatient, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be checking your post box every day!

Get buying, experimenting, and giving!

– Lana xoxo

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