Im new to this, and this is a big step for me…


So, although very known to those who know me in person, those of you who don’t know me should know that make up is not my friend. I don’t understand it, i don’t know what works with my face, and i feel very claustrophobic pancaked up.

I embrace spots, and i’m someone who enjoys making homemade face masks, and the natural look. But there are times when i want to go out with all my glammed up friends who look stunning, and i wish that i could get my face to look that way; currently i do the winged eye liner and mascara… and thats it… nothing special in the slightest.

Whilst at my latest cheer competition, i had multiple hours to wait before competing, and wanted to play around with my friend Amy’s make up and see what creation i could come up with on my face, just to look good in the photos! And i think i may have opened the door, knocked down the nerves, and made it that one step closer to the world of eyeshadow (i was using her naked palette though…)

To top it all off, i’ve finally found a BB cream in my colour, which saves me from the world of foundation! I’d like to greatly thank Nivea for their medium to dark shade of BB cream – you’ve made me feel more girly, and are my new favourite replacement for a foundation! (not that i wore any previously, but you see where i’m going with this!). I’m wearing it in the photos below!


Instead of throwing myself in to the overly priced deep end of the eye shaddow world, and purchasing myself a Naked Palette, i went for a cheap £2.99 palette (usually £3.99, but was on offer), called eyes uncovered in nude, by Collection. I know you beauty bloggers will be screaming, but i’m so new to it, that for now, this will do!


I started using the third one in (called “biscuit”) and then worked in the darker tones towards the outer edge of my eyes. Below are a few photos of my first attempt! I know theres so much room to improve, and any advice would seriously help me!








i apologise for the lack of eyebrow game, as well as the hair leaning towards the greasy side, oops…
I think i’m getting there with this make up thing, slowly slowly…
Id love your opinions and ideas for me to try next!

– Lana xoxo

3 thoughts on “Im new to this, and this is a big step for me…

  1. The eyes look nice for a person who claims herself as new to it, maybe a bit more blending at the creases to tone down the harshness of the edges.

    Really like the sheer coverage of that bb cream, though. Unfortunately, Nivea’s cosmetic range in my country is nowhere to be seen. Oh my..


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    1. Thank you for your feedback! I’ll definitely work on that, and maybe post an update.

      Thats such a shame maybe ordering it online would work? i’m in love with it, i was surprised how well it covers as i thought it may have just been a simple tinted cream and done a semi decent job, but no, it does it job so well! I also constantly struggle with finding things in my skin tone, so i was shocked when this came out perfect!



      1. You’ve got some nice space there to play with. Practices only do good!
        With that issue of mine, I am scared just thinking about the shipping price and the post office here is notorious with how they take care of the shipments. Lol
        Foundations rarely come to my shade as well (I’m normally Honey in Bobbi Brown), at least from the drugstore (at best it’s about NC25/30). Definitely feel the same pain, haha.

        Looking forward to your new posts! Your blog looks nice and simple, right up my alley!

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