How do you get your ‘chill’ on?

Student Life

Burning Christmas candlesSo i’m currently in the most relaxing and happy place i’ve been in a while. It’s moments like these that make you realise that it’s the little things that count. No matter how many times people say it, you have to experience it before you’re able to understand fully.

Let me explain my surroundings; Jack Johnson playing through the speakers, incense burning, candles flickering, fairy lights creating an atmospheric glow, fresh sheets on the bed, a tidy room, and my wonderful boyfriend on his computer singing away.

Now this might not seem like anything special to you, but a this time in the evening i’m normally here in my room alone surfing the internet and watching Netflix, whilst George is downstairs in the living room watching something else on Netflix, whilst glued to the sofa. Don’t get me wrong, we do spent a lot of time together, but this is usually our individual chill time, and we can also never agree on a series to watch at this time in the evening, so we stick to our own (although we have just started Breaking Bad from the start which i’m getting stuck into)! My room also manages to mess itself up by the end of every week, so it often gives off a cluttered, claustrophobic vibe until the weekend comes around. And as everyone knows, fresh, clean sheets are the utmost best to snuggle up into after a long day (which, for me, was spent in the library getting on top of my assignments!).

If someone asked me what my idea of relaxing was, my current position would be what i would describe. Either that or on a white sandy beach somewhere exotic with the sun shining and waves gently flowing, buuuuut lets get real..

I also seem to find a change in smell around me (obviously a nice smell) relaxes me, its different, refreshing to the nose, and seems to calms me down a lot. Incense gives off the strongest smells, but candles always do a great job, especially air freshener branded ones, they seem to be the strongest smelling that i’ve found so far – at least on my student budget!

So my question for you is, how do YOU relax? What is your idea of a ‘chill session’? What works best with you? Everyone needs to relax at some point, regardless of how busy their schedule is. A simple cleanse.

Leave a comment below, i’m interested to know.

– Lana xoxo

5 thoughts on “How do you get your ‘chill’ on?

  1. I blast up my Mariah Carey playlist, and lay on my bed with a good book!
    In a room with AC, of course. XD

    Anyway, I nominated you for Liebster Award, please go check on my post (will be up soon) about it if you are interested in participating, if you are not, it’s completely fine!

    SKye Xx

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