Unpredictable Weather Days…

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IMG_0405So today, i was meant to have gone into town to run a few errands, but the Aberystwyth unpredictable weather has yet again got in the way… One minute its torrential rain, with crazy winds, and the next its sunny with clear blue skies, but still raining. I just don’t understand. As i don’t own a car, i can’t even drive where i need to go, and i live whats classed as out of town, so the walk isn’t the shortest!

Instead, i should really be revising for finals, but without regular breaks, nothing i study gets through to me..

Well… when i started this blog post the above was true, but now that i’ve finished my exams (pretty much) i feel lost with what to do with myself. Whether it be indoors or outdoors (the weather is looking a little brighter these days), i’m figuring out ways to keep myself occupied!

Heres a few things i’ve found to enjoy!

  1. Crafts! I’ve recently bought some threads to make some super cute friendship bracelets, as theres something about the repetitive knotting that kills time but i somehow enjoy! My housemate and i also threw a few cute things together into a personalised ‘i hope this makes you feel better’ box which will shortly be posted to a best friend of ours who’s going through a tough time!
    If you’re interested, heres a website which goes through the most recent bracelet i’ve made, it is also filled with lots crafty ideas (try the hex-nut bracelet, thats always a good one!)!
  2. Photography. This is always fun! I have a Canon DSLR which i used to play around with a lot, but since i’ve bene at uni, has been slightly neglected.
  3. Bonfires! Theyre such a good way to get together with  bunch of friends and just have a laugh. We had one last night and it was a great time. We even made smores! Although a bit windy, but we got over that.
  4. Find fun places to chill, whether it be building a fort, a quirky small coffee shop, or even a rooftop. For me, my adventure buddy would have to be my housemate Kim, we’ve found our new favourite coffeeshop, gone for midnight walks to the castle ruins, jumped in a car and gone to Ynyslas in our pjs, and on the nice and sunny days, sat on the rooftop outside my window with me while we absorb the sunshine! (it gets super hot on there, those tiles just absorb every little bit of heat! I also managed to get tan lines on my ankles from where my jeans stopped… not cute)
  5. Nails, nails, nails! Oh i love doing my nails, they were perfect revision break activities, especially since two new gel colours i ordered arrived!

I hope this inspires you to get out and adventure, or stay in and keep busy! Its a gorgeous day here so i’m going to head off and see who’s free for some fun in the sun! Considering i live by the seaside, these sunny days are BEAUTIFUL.

– Lana xoxo

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