A day out and about…

Student Life

Recently, since exams have pretty much ended, i’ve been dying to get out the house regardless of the weather. Today, Kim and i decided to go into town, enjoy!

Firstly, we walked into town, which is a good 15 minute walk. I was all wrapped up in cosy layers as the sky was super gloomy, but the second we’d got far enough away from the house, the sun burst through and i was roooooaaaasting.


But typically, with Aberystwyth’s unpredictable weather, the clouds covered back over and the day went from promising, to wet. Firstly, we went to Savers (as always, we spend ages in there looking at everything on the shelves and looking for the newest facemasks they have in stock) followed by Superdrug, where i picked up some new make up.


Superdrug in Aberystwyth is fairly small but has a large range of beauty products and brands. I personally love their newest stands such as Revolution and MUA. They are of the lower price range for make up, but the quality is incredible. I will do a review post on my latest purchases from them, its oh so exciting!

After this, with hoods up, we sped walked to one of our favourite quirky shops in Aber (Stars), to pick up our monthly dose of incense sticks! Stars do quite a large range of incense and after smelling almost all of them, they all start to blend into one big scent, so having to keeping it short and sweet, as well as having to be decisive is key! (this is super hard for me as i’m the worlds most indecisive person). This is one of two shops in Aber that i go to find my incense, as they are the only two which have an open selection instead of boxes of one scent only.


Stars Aberystwyth // 20p per stick, or buy 10 get 2 free

To end the trip in town we went to my favourite coffee shop to warm up and have a typical girly chat (even though we do this every day at home…). Because Aber is such a small place, with endless amounts of small independently run coffee shops, i was against large chains such as Starbucks opening (and i refuse to go there no matter what), but if you’ve never been to Coffee#1, i suggest you do. They do everything from quirky coffees, to healthy shakes and loose leaf teas! They also do food… yum.


We sat down with our large drinks (one mint mocha chip, and one vanilla bean), chatted a few hours away and then headed home in the miserable weather. It was such a lovely day, despite the weather, but fingers crossed it clears up over the next few days, as soon my family arrives!! (Super excited as i haven’t seen them since last summer!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed following me for a day,

– Lana xxx

P.S. I feel super guilty that i’ve stayed indoors today as it has been BEAUTIFUL outside… but the boys were out the house so i had the TV and sofa all to myself. They’re back in now so maybe an evening stroll will do haha!

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