Recently i’ve been on a wonderful week long 20th birthday holiday to the beautiful city of Paris! It was just as incredible as i’d hoped, as we stayed within the Disney parks! Although Disneyland was as magical as always, we also spent a day in central Paris, and did a little bit of shopping (oops!). Luckily, the summer sales were on, and many bargains were found, including a handful of items from the wonderful brand KIKO MILANO! I couldnt believe the sales they had in there, and after spending forever in the store, i came out with 4 items. Below are photos of these wonderful items, and i will be posting posts, one by one, on each item i purchased, so watch this space!

1. Ultimate Pen – Long wear eyeliner

2. 01 Dawn Till Dusk – Volume Effect Mascara

3. 201 Sienna Melange – Essential Bronzer

4. 849 Pearly Antique Blue – Quick Dry Nail Lacquer


– Lana xxx

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