Kiko Milano: 849 Pearly Antique Blue – Quick Dry Nail Lacquer


IMG_0384Im obsessed with painting my nails! And after seeing this shade on sale (even if i had ones similar) i just had to buy it! It was also from the quick dry range, which was a bonus!

With light colours, theres always the worry that the usual two layers wont be enough as they can still look quite ‘thin’ – if you get me? But Kiko Milano’s Pearly Blue Antique took those worries away! It applies very nicely with no visible streaky lines, and two layers creates the perfect coverage.

How long does it last you ask? Well the photo below shows my nails one week on, and in perfect condition!


I really really really want more from Kiko Milano now, however there is no shop near me! And i’m never sure that the colour i see online is the colour that will arrive in the post, for example, the large swatch below is the supposed colour of the nail lacquer i own… a more purple colour than the actual baby blue tone which it has!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 13.17.47IMG_0202

… However, i’m off to London soon, so will have the chance to binge out on Kiko Milano all over again!

These (Quick Dry Nail Lacquer) are currently on sale as well with 40% off at a sweet price of £2.90!

Get those nails painted for summer!

– Lana xxx

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