My home away from home…

DIY, Student Life


So after all the receiving of results recently, many people will be starting university in September! But although moving away is exciting, i feel you always need a ‘home away from home’; a cosy, safe place that you can run to when the world is just too much to handle.

Everyone has different taste, but this is how i create ‘cosy’! To begin with… organised mess. I find that staring at blank walls makes me go loopy, and filling them up with photos, wall hangings and other home crafts is a lot more comforting.


Twinkle lights, instead of the overpowering main light, is always a nice touch. It creates a light you can do things in and transition into bedtime with, without the drastic light change from bright to total darkness that occurs with one main bedroom light.

Call me childish with my multiple pillows and soft toys, but i love them.

Today was a tough day for me, with one thing going wrong after another, and this was the exact space in which i spent my whole day hiding away from the big world.

How do you create your home away from home? or ‘cosy corner of the house’? Let me know!

-Lana xxx

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