InstaNatural Products!



So for the past two weeks i have been away travelling Ireland with a best friend of mine, and away from my laptop and internet – probably why i havent posted in ages!

During the time i was away, i was sent two awesome products from InstaNatural and here they are!!


Currently £16.95 on Amazon UK, $17.95 on their website.

100% Pure, Certified Organic Argan Oil – Multipurpose Moisturiser
I have used this a few times now, testing out its versatility, and have been pleasantly surprised! I firstly tried it out in my hair after blowdrying it and straightening it as an anti frizz, conditioning serum, and it worked just as well as other serums that i have previously specifically bought for that purpose.
I then used it as a massaging oil/moisturiser on my back, as i have problems
with dry skin, and have to constantly rehydrate it. One thing i did find was that it leaves it slightly oily, but it does absorb through slowly, meaning lasting hydration. Lastly, this argan oil is said to have acne treatment properties, and after backpacking through Ireland for two weeks, with limited supplies, my face/skin has been completely neglected and broken out. Even though the instructions say to let the oil absorb for 2-5 minutes before applying make up as usual, i would highly recommend leaving it for around 30 minutes before applying anything on top, or instead, using it as a daily treatment, as it takes longer than stated to absorb.

Personally, so far, i have found this product very useful, and one that i feel i need in my beauty bag as it can be used for so many things (meaning i can replace the many previous products with just the one!).


Currently £21.95 on Amazon UK, $23.95 on their website.

Powerful & Nourishing Stretch Mark and Scar Cream – For Prevention and Reduction
This product was the first that was sent to me, and i feel i still haven’t had long enough to be able to review this to the extent that is needed. I have found that it makes my skin so smooth and soft, softer than any of my body creams have done! With only a few days of use, i have seen a slight reduction in my stretch marks, however, nothing significant.
I will definitely have to do a review at a later date, once i have used this product for a long enough period for it to take effect.

After receiving these two product from InstaNatural, i really want to order or review more of their products for them, as they have impressed me so far. I also love how their products are created using organic and natural ingredients!

You can have a look at their products on their website at, but as they are based in the USA, it may be quicker to order their products off of their official Amazon UK page (InstaNatural) in which they offer Prime services!

If i had to purchase one product tomorrow to try, it would be their Dead Sea Mud Mask, as who doesn’t love a face mask!

If any of you have tried either of these products, i would love to hear what your opinions on them are!

– Lana xxx

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