A reflection of recent events…


So i don’t really know how to begin this post.. I’ve been away from this blog for over a year now, and i feel like now is a good time to return. I’ve recently graduated from Aberystwyth University with honours, and been accepted onto a MSc (Master of Science) course at Nottingham Trent University. George and i will be moving into a little apartment together, and i guess the first stage of adult life will begin, and boy am i excited! But my time since graduation hasn’t been that easy.

On the night of my graduation, just after a lovely meal with my parents, and arriving at a friend’s house prepping for the wild night ahead, i get a gut wrenching phone call from my dad whom I’d only left 5 minutes earlier, saying that i had to come home as they had received a call saying my beautiful grandma would not be making it through the night (it was also her 86th birthday). My world stopped. I made it home with the help of friends, packed my belongings and half an hour later i was in the car on the way to my aunties to stay till we could catch the next flight back home to Aberdeen.

By 10am the next morning we were at my gran’s bedside. Thankfully she made it through, however she was still in a critical condition. An infection in her lungs causing pneumonia, which caused liquid build up in her lungs, which caused a heart attack. If any of you have been in a similar position, you know how heartbreaking it is to see your loved one so vulnerable lying there clinging onto life, yet how comforting it is to know that all the family are by her bedside, united.

A few days later we had to have ‘the talk’ about if her heart stops what to do next, and things weren’t looking up. However 1 very long week later we got to see a smile, hear her laugh and have her leave her bed to sit up in a chair. We were all so positive and taking things one day at a time. A few days later she got back on her feet!

We arrived at the hospital the next day looking forward to seeing what the day would bring, if it was an extra few steps, regaining her appetite, or any more of her cheeky attitude, but instead walked in to find out she had another heart attack in the night… but that didn’t set her back, she continued to walk more and more, enough to deserve brand new slippers, and all the nurses were in awe of her progress and strength.

Being by her side through all of this, along with dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions has really opened my eyes. I knew my grandma was tough, but this is a whole new level of strong, and she continues to inspire me everyday. A week ago she was released from hospital and is now happy as ever at home with care. I have never seen my incredible grandma smile as much as she does now, and it warms my heart, the same heart that was momentarily shattered a month and a half earlier.

I guess the point of this is mainly for myself, to reflect on everything that’s happened, and reminded me to not take life and family for granted. It’s been the worst summer of my life, yet the most eye-opening. I’ve also come to realise that without not only the support of my family, but friends and better half (who knows my grandma very well, and struggled through this alongside me from the other end of the UK) I wouldn’t have been able to cope.

Will power and the strength of family is definitely a ‘thing’ and I know for a fact that without it, my wonderful grandma would not be around caring for her garden and beloved cat. She defied all the odds, and i call her a warrior.


Even though leaving her side will be hard when making the move down to Nottingham for the next year, I am beyond excited to begin the next step of George and I’s glowing relationship.

As long as I keep myself organised, there shall be many more posts to come, from decorating our first apartment, to everyday life as Masters Students. I’m still learning new things and discovering what i like and what i don’t, and i hope to take you on that journey with me.

Lana xxx


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