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I’ve come to the realisation that blogging isn’t as easy as it seems (or at least as easy as some bloggers make it seem!)

This blog is still very new and although two years old, has very little content. My blog began as a base to advertise George and I’s upcoming T-shirt line, however although highly successful, was very time-consuming. If it weren’t for university getting in the way, you would have seen our line being sold at all the music festivals across the UK during summer 2014. As amazing as the offer was to us, creating 600 units of our product wasnt manageable in the time frame of two weeks with a busy timetable. We were gutted.

When we thought our chances were over and trends started to change, we honestly slowly gave up and put it to one side, which I 100% regret.

I then took the blog over myself in an attempt to use the followers we’d gained to start-up a beauty and lifestyle blog, however soon came to realise that people follow for specific content, and what I had changed the blog to, wasn’t what followers wanted.

This is when I realised that i was so unsure of what i wanted to blog about, and realised that i preferred the idea of blogging more than the actual blogging itself, as i just couldn’t engage people the way I’d wanted to! (im sure this has been the case for many people who start-up blogging).

Two years on, and exactly 1 year after my last post, i thought it was time to restart up the blog again as recent events in my life had made me realise that i need to treasure every moment (you can read the post here) and this blog is where I’d like to keep many memories, just like a diary. Especially with my other half and myself moving into our very own apartment and starting our masters courses in a completely new town.

I guess again, this is more of a post for myself to look back on to remind me when I get lost on the direction of this blog.

Heres to starting this academic year fresh and ‘Snacking on life’. 

What do you do when everything’s new? – Blog about it. 

Love Lana xxx

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