It can’t just be me..?

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Hello Creatives!

So I just neeeeed to vent on my situation with my crochet projects! 

First of all, I am a completely impatient person with ADHD.. 

So, when it comes to crocheted items that come in a pair, I am so excited to get one done (I’m currently half way through mittens!) and will complete it within the shortest time possible, but when it comes to the second one, I have ZERO motivation to start it, but REALLY want to complete the set! 

Here’s a few photos of my mitten process (just the one, because I can’t motivate myself to start the second):

My partners mum is coming to stay with us on Saturday so I am using that as motivation to complete them to give to her as a present! 

I’m that person that is constantly thinking of ways to improve the project I’m currently working on, or thinking of new projects to start, so as soon as I’ve woven in the ends and completed a project (or in this case, one mitten) I’m ready to start something new (aka not another mitten…) 😂. 

So although it has passed 9pm, I am going to try my best to continue watching The Killing on Netflix and start the second mitten! 

On another note, im definitely going to need a larger wool basket, or at least a separate basket for completed/semi-completed (ADHD got the better of me) projects! 

Please tell me this happens to you too? Whether it be crochet or something else?

Lana xxx 

P.s. If you read my previous post, George is well again and this set of norovirus didn’t stick around for long, thank goodness! That also meant that we were able to go keep our Valentine’s Day dinner booking and it was delicious! 

4 thoughts on “It can’t just be me..?

  1. I’m absolutely the same way! Unfortunately, it’s not just one hobby either. I dabble in so many things that I have works in progress all over, too many to count. I’m trying to get better but oh, it’s hard when something new catches my eye!

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    1. Thanks goodness it’s not just me then!
      Haha, well at least it will keep you busy. Oh yes, I know what you mean! Or as I’m new to it, I find a new colour I don’t have and think of all the things I could make with this new colour involved! Haha it’s a vicious cycle!

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  2. LOL I just wrote today in one of my blogs that I have Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder – CADD! I agree things that come in pairs are the WORST for me! I wish there was a fashion trend that people would want to wear two different mittens, boot cuffs, and slippers! 🙂

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    1. Hahaha amazing! I definitely 100% relate! Wouldn’t that just be great? Making two identical items is just a chore after the first one. I previously made one slipper, and to this day, have not made the second Haha!


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