And I’m off!

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Sooo I really wanted to put up another update post before today, but typical me left it last minute, and now I’m finding myself in the queue to board my flight to Spain attempting to get my post up!

Silly silly me…

Well here’s a mini update, as I’ll put a proper one when I next get internet connection!

Mittens = COMPLETE AND GIFTED! Oh boy am I proud of myself for finishing the second mitten!

Chinky ribbed beanie = COMPLETE

Excuse the wonky photo! I also hadn’t previously mentioned I was making this as I didn’t think I’d be making anymore hats till next winter!

Right I must go as I’m boarding my plane woohoo! Update you again soon!

Lana xxx

2 thoughts on “And I’m off!

  1. I’m the same way, you can get one out of me, two maybe not :D. I’m so glad you managed to finish! I’ve taken to making multiple items at the same time, as in match the pair “row for row”. Or basically, when I change a color, or move onto a different part of the pattern, I catch the second one up with the first. Seems to be helping me a lot and makes it go faster as I’m already in that section of the project, so it’s more automated.

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    1. Haha thank you! That is such a clever way of doing it! I should really give that a go! Then you end up finishing two at once and the next project can be started! I actually started slippers, finished one and am yet to start the second so I wish I’d tried this beforehand!

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