Tragedy & Kind People

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Hello creatives,

Today is difficult. Today is not how I’d planned today. Wednesday evening I was flying to Spain from Nottingham, yesterday afternoon I was travelling back home to Scotland, and now I am sat at the bedside of my warrior, my grandma. 

If you read my Reflection post you’ll know that my beautiful grandma has recently had troubles with her health. However she recovered and was happy and healthy… Up until two days ago. 

She fell. Her weak legs gave in and she fell. The details of her fall are a bit fuzzy as no one can be sure and she was concust, but thank god her morning carer found her (she has a carer three times a day to make sure she has all her medication, however my mum visits her everyday also).

She’s now unconscious, with heavy internal bleeding of the brain, therefore unlike last time, she isn’t going to come back from this one. 

I can’t accept it. I can’t accept that her heart is healthy, something that hasn’t been healthy for a very long time, but one fall has left her in this condition. I won’t accept it. 

She is everything to me. 

My car is currently sat in the car park of Nottingham airport as I had a booking for it until tomorrow (Saturday), when I was meant to arrive back from Spain. But as I ended up flying directly from Spain to Scotland (flew into Edinburgh then drove three hours to Aberdeen as that was the quickest route) and I won’t be back by then, I was stuck in a sticky situation.

After phoning the airport parking sales counter and explaining my situation and putting them in a tough situation (there was physically no space for my car to stay there longer than tomorrow, they would have to figure something out) and I received this email:

I thought I had run out of tears until I read this…

Some people are so wonderful. 
Posts will be slow for a while, and I apologise for this, however I must be there for my family and take time to look after myself. I am so emotionally drained. 

Lana xxx 

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