I Tried Tunisian Crochet!

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Hello, Creatives!

So I’ve recently given Tunisian Crochet a go, and I absolutely love it! I’m currently doing it on regular crochet hooks, but my Tunisian Crochet hooks are on their way in the post! I love how similar it looks to knitting, but isn’t! 

Here’s theee different stitches I’ve managed so far (I can’t for the life of me remember the names of them): 

Is it just me or does Tunisian Crochet work a lot quicker than other forms? I’d love to make a blanket or a cardigan out of Tunisian Crochet! 

Have any of you tried it? And tips, advice or fun things to make with it?

I’m horribly sick with the flu currently, bundled up on the sofa with a toilet roll and constant hot drinks! But Crochet is keeping me going haha! 

Love, Lana xxx 

4 thoughts on “I Tried Tunisian Crochet!

  1. I love tunisian crochet! I did the same as you when I first tried it, ordered my hooks online and practiced on a regular hook. If you want to do large pieces you will need to get the hooks that have an extender on the end. Or you could just stitch smaller pieces together like you would with a granny square. Don’t fret about the curling. As the piece gets bigger it will flatten out some. If not then some blocking should fix it up. With Tunisian you need to use at least 1 hook size larger than what the pattern and/or yarn calls for. That’s all of the hints I can think of right now. Those are just a couple of things that I didn’t know when I first tried it. It is really fun! Hope you’re feeling better soon! 😀

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    1. Amazing thank you so much! Yes I did notice that it curled a lot at the bottoms! I’ve seen some cool patched blankets which look great! Oh thanks for the tip about the hook size, that will come in handy! Thank you, fingers crossed it passes soon 😊😊

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      1. Oh check out some videos for Entrelac crochet – it’s a fairly easy Tunisian technique that is really really pretty! Crochet Crowd has a youtube tutorial that is very good. 😀

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