I Tried Rug Punching!

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Hello Creatives!

So I've heard many names (I believe latch hooking may be one?) and seen different techniques but I've given it a go with what I have, and I have found that I love Rug Punching! I've also found it's a great way to use old scraps of yarn that are too short to crochet!

So don't go getting all excited and expect some wonderful creation, I've simply spelt out LOVE on a piece of burlap/hessian and forgotten to take photos of my progress…

Or maybe I'm saving that for another post

I used a crochet hook as I am yet to purchase a rug punching tool (which looks totally cool, in a really nerdy way)

Here we go:

I did this completely free hand, as apparently I don't own pencils anymore! However I managed to get myself some and then proceeded to add some floral decoration to the outside by drawing outlines to follow!

I haven't decided if I want to fill the background in yet as I love the way it looks currently and I may end up turning it into a wall hanging or frame it!

I'll post an update once I've decided what I'll do next… or if I can't decide and need some opinions!

Rug punching seems to be growing in popularity lately, and I want to make a stool cover/topper at some point! But unfortunately my Masters Thesis deadline is fast approaching and I have some serious writing to do – I reaaaaaally don't want to!!!

Have any of you tried it before?

Until next time,
Love Lana xxx

2 thoughts on “I Tried Rug Punching!

  1. I love this!! You did a really great job going freehand. And you made me laugh because I don’t think I have a single pencil in my house! Even if I did I know I don’t have a pencil sharpener so it would be kind of useless. I remember doing Rug Punching when I was a kid. We called it latch hooking and my mother would buy us kits that included a mesh canvas with the picture superimposed on it and little bundles of the cut yarn. The hooks for it are neat looking and I think that it might make the process a little easier than using a crochet hook. I’m not sure though because I never used a crochet hook to do it. Can’t wait to see what you punch up next!! 😀

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    1. Thank you! Haha pencils just seem like too much effort! Oh amazing, I’ve seen some lots you can buy, but I think I’ll stick to freehand for now! I’ve seen the Amy oxford rug punch hooks that look like such a dream, but I completely can’t afford one just yet haha! But I guess Christmas is round the corner, so I know what I’ll be asking for from Santa!
      Thanks tami! 😁

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