Thought of the day – 1st ‘Sick’ Day

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Hello Creatives!

Today I write this post from my bed whilst sick as a bug with the flu!

With starting my first proper full time job comes a lot of new experiences. I love my job, I love my team and on days like this where it is physically impossible for me to work, I still can’t help but feel guilty that I’ve phoned in sick. I’ve not been sick since 2016 (don’t ask me how…) so this illness has hit me like a truck! I just feel like I’m ‘skiving’ work.

I was sent home from work early yesterday when I was coming down with this flu and under strict instructions to not log in from home, and I totally appreciate that my team care about me that much, but I honestly struggle to lay here in bed on a Wednesday without doing something productive towards my job!

Ah well, there’s a first time for everything though I guess. Fingers crossed this passes quickly because I can’t cope with sitting still for another few days!

Do any of you feel the same?

Until next time,

Lana xxx

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