Project Updates – 29th Jan 2017

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I’ve finally finished my first semester of my masters! woohoo! So in celebration, my other half and i celebrated by a trip to Ikea, a trip to the game store and a trip to HOBBYCRAFT!

Current projects: 

Bunny Soft Toy: 

So i’ve been making up a bunny soft toy to perfect my own pattern which im thinking of writing out and possibly making a series of video tutorials! There are so many imperfections, but i now know how to change those, and the improvements that need to be made for round two!

She’s currently missing arms (as im still playing around with the patterns for these), but here are a few progress pictures:


Double Crochet Chunky Blanket: 

This started with some leftover yarn that i had used to make slippers and a hat and got a bit bored of! I then bought the same ball of yarn again in a different colour, and find tis project super relaxing as i don’t have to pay much attention and the colours are very forgiving!


Granny Square Blanket:

This one is a slow process… i focused on it for too long, and now i find it hard to pickup again! Uh oh! But i will get there… slowly…

I think i’ll work on these a little more before putting any photos up, or else they’ll look identical to in y last post!

Wooly Hat: 

My mummy has requested a lilac wooly hat as she goes hiking every week, and the Scottish weather requires her to wrap up warm! I haven’t started this one yet, so i guess this is a reminder to myself to get a move on! She’s coming to stay with me in March!!

Surprise gift for a best friend:

So this one is a secret and again, it is a reminder to start! Its going to be so cute! I have recently received a set of new hooks, which are so dreamy to work with, and will make this little gift perfect!

I intend to keep you updated!
Crocheted with love, Lana xxx

Solid Granny Square Tutorial

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So i’ve recently restarted my youtube channel, not that there was much of it before, and will be dedicating it to crochet videos and possibly some lifestyle videos!

Today, i uploaded a video where i speak through a tutorial for crocheting a solid granny square and thought that i would type the pattern up to go along with it here to make things easier for you! I recently started crochet, and i’d love to share my new found passion with others, and give them an easy way to start off!

Heres a photo of the final squares (ignore the time and date in the bottom right hand corner, still figuring out the new camera!):

Granny Square Cover Photo.png

And here we go:

Hook and Yarn:
5mm Crochet Hook
WI Premium Acrylic Yarn from HobbyCraftUK


This pattern is written in US terminology. And the conversion chart below, taken from Simply Crochet, should help you out with abbreviations.

These are the abreviations i will be using throughout:

ss (slip stich):  insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook. Multple of these create a chain.

dc (double crochet): yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (two loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through remaining two loops

sl knot (slip knot)
ch (chain)
st (stitch)

Please click here for a clearer video tutorial -> YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIAL <-

Round 1: sl knot, ss 4 to create a ch, ss into the first loop ss of chain to crate a circle.
ch 5 (first 3 act as first dc, 2 act as corner). Into center of circle; dc 3, ss 2, dc 3, ss 2, dc 3, ss 2, dc 2, ss into top of ch. Total 3 dc along 1 side.

Round 2: ss 3, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, dc into following 3 st’s, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, dc into following 3 st’s, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, dc into following 2 st’s, ss into top of ss ch. Total 7 dc along 1 side.

Round 3: ss 3, dc into each st until corner, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, ss into all st’s until corner. Total 11 dc along 1 side. When you have reached the end, ss into top of ss ch.

Round 4 (final round): ss 3, dc into each st until corner, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, ss into all st’s until corner. Total 15 dc along 1 side. When you reach the end ss into the top of ss ch, ss 1 and pull tight. Cut yarn and pull last ss through. Use darning needle to sew tail into the square.

Hopefully your final product will look like the image above, please watch the video for clearer and easier instructions to follow!

See you soon!

Lana xxxxx

When a hobby turns into an ADDICTION!

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Hello again!

I picked up crochet on the 28th of December 2016, therefore it has taken me less than two weeks to realise i love it (well this was established day one…) and develop this collection along with a woven basket! I have had so much work to do for my Masters Degree, and still do, but somehow i find myself crocheting over my work and distracted for a lot longer than i should be!



My winderful woven basket £4 from HobbyCraft filled with WI Acrylic Yarn.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show off all of my colours, but you can see my collection of granny squares im currently working on to patch together my very first blanket!

I managed to pick these yarns up for £2.20 each, with a 3 for the price of two deal on top, so i bought 6…

I really haven’t stopped, however since my first crochet post, all i have really completed are a bunch of granny squares and a fancy mandala inspired coaster. Have a look:

Something i would love to eventually do is put up some tutorials and patterns of my own, however i am far from being expert enough to do this. My experience is all of less than two weeks haha! And a lot of the things i am able to do or would be comfortable filming are conmpletely covered on the internet. When i begin designing my own projects, i will be sure to share them with you all.

Im forever looking for new ideas and projects to start, so please please tag CROCHET in your posts as i am currently folloing the tag!

Lana xxx


New Hobby!

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As busy as I have been, with approximately 12,000-13,000 words and an exam to be completed by the end of this month, and the christmas period being hectic and expensive as ever…


One evening around 6pm when I was back home, i turned to mum and asked her if she owned a crochet hook and some wool, which ended up in me climbing into the loft and coming back filled with excitement.

The the aid of YouTube and other bloggers on this wonderful platform, I have become hooked.

Things I have discovered within the world of crochet:

  1.  Crochet language is a thing
  2. Crochet language comes in UK terminology and US terminology and it’s not two different words for different things/methods, it’s the same word meaning two different things – i know, confusing.
    1. e.g. US Double crochet and UK treble crochet are the same thing and US treble crochet and UK double treble crochet are the same thing… and it goes on.
  3. Crochet language is usually abbreviated and even more confusing
  4. I have given up on following other people’s patterns and make up my own.

It is a whole other addictive world but if you do plan on starting, I suggest you begin the way that i did, with wool from poundland and a cheapy hook! You will find out whether you enjoy it or not pretty quickly and at least that way you won’t have spent much money on it!

Heres a few projects I have completed. I started off with a straight panel where i tested different stitch types out, then a hat… or two, followed by one slipper sock, just one, and a mug cosy!!

Can’t wait to share my ongoing creations with you, it’s so rewarding!

Lana xxx

Snack On Life!

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In order to be able to open up on this blog, i realise the more you know about me and this blog itself, the eaiser it is to relate. So lets start with this blog. I previously posted about my struggles with finding my feet with this blog (and i guess the fact that im still figuring it all out).  You can have a read here if you fancy!

The name of this blog was originally (and still in the URL) BlueHillSpace. You’re probably wondering whyyyyyy?  Well, honestly, picking a name for a blog is super duper difficult as youre stuck with it FOREVER (kind of..). I wanted something with meaning, something that would catch on, and something that i wouldn’t regret. It originated from the street that myself and my other half lived on in Wales when we started this blog up. It was called Brynglas Road, “bryn” meaning blue, and “glas” meaning hill. Pretty straight forward right? I guess it had meaning, and will always tie this blog to its birth location, and “space” highlighting the blog as a space for creativity.

Honestly, i guess i grew out of it in a way, especially when the clothing line ‘Zero Space’ came to an end. And i changed (the header name, as the URL is unchangeable) to Snack On Life, Freshie. I thought “freshie” sounded ‘cool’ and connected the blog to university life more, urgh such a bad idea, and as you can see i got rid of that preeeeeeetty quick. I also added the tag line of ‘what do you do when everything’s new?’ quite simply because it rhymed, nothing was new, i was in a very familiar place doing the same old familiar things…

“Snack On Life!”

Snacking is probably one of my favourite things, and although the message behind the slogan “Binge on life” would have been a lot more meaningful, i like snacking, it means you can take a break and when you feel like it, snack again.

“What do you do when everything’s new?”

Only recently coming back to this blog have i found my tag line VERY fitting. I will be moving to a new city, a new university, and a new living situation (although having lived with George for the past two years, we are now in our own apartment rather than shared accommodation!). Everything will be new, even down to having my first new car!

So what DO you do when everything’s new? Well, what im going to do is blog about it! Take it all in and blog about the experience.

Are you starting something new? Let me know! I really want to engage more!

Here’s to NEW,

Love Lana xxx


About my blog content..

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I’ve come to the realisation that blogging isn’t as easy as it seems (or at least as easy as some bloggers make it seem!)

This blog is still very new and although two years old, has very little content. My blog began as a base to advertise George and I’s upcoming T-shirt line, however although highly successful, was very time-consuming. If it weren’t for university getting in the way, you would have seen our line being sold at all the music festivals across the UK during summer 2014. As amazing as the offer was to us, creating 600 units of our product wasnt manageable in the time frame of two weeks with a busy timetable. We were gutted.

My home away from home…

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So after all the receiving of results recently, many people will be starting university in September! But although moving away is exciting, i feel you always need a ‘home away from home’; a cosy, safe place that you can run to when the world is just too much to handle.

Everyone has different taste, but

My most recent favourites! Micellar Cleansing Water & Organisation.

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FullSizeRender 2

Recently, myself and George went on a little family shopping trip in Bristol, and although i went into town with my list of necessities, i wasn’t looking for anything in particular. But i obviously managed to pick up a few things…

Unpredictable Weather Days…

Student Life

IMG_0405So today, i was meant to have gone into town to run a few errands, but the Aberystwyth unpredictable weather has yet again got in the way… One minute its torrential rain, with crazy winds, and the next its sunny with clear blue skies, but still raining. I just don’t understand. As i don’t own a car, i can’t even drive where i need to go, and i live whats classed as out of town, so the walk isn’t the shortest!