Sorry sorry sorry!

Student Life

Hi guys,

I’m super sorry that i haven’t posted in a while! Ive been incredibly busy with University work, ive even had to stay an extra week for a field course, which is eating a whole week into my Easter holidays! – not faaaaaaaair. But i have so many things i want to post about, for example I WAS NOMINATED FOR THE LEIBSTER AWARD by the beautiful Skyeskretcher (you do not understand how excited i am!).

trust me, once this week is over, its a full two weeks of relaxation, the first one may consist of a bit of work, as i do have endless amounts, but the second week will be in the beautiful Marbella, Spain – ooooooh i cant wait!

So i will have lots and lots of relaxing time to catch you up on my life and post post post!

– Lana xoxo