One Step Closer

ZeroSpace Apparel

Hey guys!

Finally, after busy busy weeks, we have had the afternoon free to work on our t-shirts! And guess what, they all now have our labels in them! The newer ones have our newer labels, whilst the older ones still have the labels previously sewn in!

We’re so excited about finally having them that one step closer to being complete! A few of our friends have been nagging us as they’re dying to own one, and its pushed us in the right direction!

All that needs to be done now, its to decide which would look better with a breast badge, and which would look better without (or with our new “handwritten” logo!).

If we continue at the pace we’re going at, hopefully they’ll be available to you readers super duper soon! A year late, i know. Sorry.

Today has made me the most excited i have been about these t-shirts in a while, and i just cant wait to hear feedback on them!


One step closer.

– Lana xoxo

The Beginning

Beauty, Eat Clean, fashion, Music, Student Life, Travelling

There are so many things i want to write about! Everything from Christmas sale purchases, fashion, homemade beauty remedies, living abroad, music to clean eating (although as much as i love the idea of clean eating, sticking to it is the hardest part, especially on a student budget!) and i feel that now that the new year has come, its a great time to begin sharing and experimenting!

Now lets see how long this lasts…

Im excited.

– Lana xxx


ZeroSpace Apparel

University is a busy and social time, and due to this, we haven’t continued our t-shirts as we haven’t had the time! WHOOPS! We really want to get back into it and get them out to the public, but we feel like we’ve reached a mental block!

With our second year exam period reaching an end this week, we have some free time to get our creative sides back and complete the launch of our official website! And if we keep on top of things, our online shop should follow shortly after.

Many exciting things to come,

Lana xxx

New Stock!

ZeroSpace Apparel

We’ve recently finished the colouring on some new stock that arrived!

Below is a sneak preview of whats going to be available for you to get your hands on soon!

Remember, each and every top is unique, so colours and patterns may vary!

Click on the images to enlarge and comment!


ZeroSpace Apparel

Today was a gorgeous day, and whilst deciding what to wear before heading into town, we chose to rep ZeroSpace Apparel! George wore our Stratosphere t-shirt, whilst I wore the Tobacco Sunburst ladies cropped top

George wearing STRATOSPHERE by ZeroSpace

Me wearing TOBACCO SUNBURST by ZeroSpace

These t-shirts, as well as all of the others in the ZeroSpace Apparel range, can be mixed and matched with many different outfits. As you can see above, the full length t-shirts can be easily paired with jeans, and although modelled by a male, are unisex. The female cropped tops are perfect length to wear with any high waisted shorts, jeans or leggings, but also work well with hip height jeans!

We will be following up with a ‘Ways to Wear’ post showing some of the combinations we’ve worn these t-shirts in, so keep an eye on this blog!

– Lana xxx


ZeroSpace Apparel

Recently we’ve started up a clothing line in which we have been producing t-shirts using acid wash and tie-dye. These will be up for SALE within the next few weeks and each order will be able to choose which colour, and whether a breast badge or a full front logo will be printed on the t-shirt.

Below are photo samples of the different colours which will be available, keeping in mind each item is hand produced meaning each pattern produced will be unique.

A grey and a light burnt orange mix

IGNEOUS: A grey and a light, burnt orange mix

STRATOSPHERE: A teal blue and off white/beige mix

STRATOSPHERE: A teal blue and off white/beige mix

A maroon and a light, burnt orange mix

MAROON SURGE: A maroon and a light, burnt orange mix

A red to white gradient

ROSE STORM: A red to white gradient

TOBACCO SUNBURST: A black and burnt orange mix

TOBACCO SUNBURST: A black and burnt orange mix

A royal blue and lilac mix

AGL CANDY: A royal blue and lilac mix