When a hobby turns into an ADDICTION!

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Hello again!

I picked up crochet on the 28th of December 2016, therefore it has taken me less than two weeks to realise i love it (well this was established day one…) and develop this collection along with a woven basket! I have had so much work to do for my Masters Degree, and still do, but somehow i find myself crocheting over my work and distracted for a lot longer than i should be!



My winderful woven basket £4 from HobbyCraft filled with WI Acrylic Yarn.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show off all of my colours, but you can see my collection of granny squares im currently working on to patch together my very first blanket!

I managed to pick these yarns up for £2.20 each, with a 3 for the price of two deal on top, so i bought 6…

I really haven’t stopped, however since my first crochet post, all i have really completed are a bunch of granny squares and a fancy mandala inspired coaster. Have a look:

Something i would love to eventually do is put up some tutorials and patterns of my own, however i am far from being expert enough to do this. My experience is all of less than two weeks haha! And a lot of the things i am able to do or would be comfortable filming are conmpletely covered on the internet. When i begin designing my own projects, i will be sure to share them with you all.

Im forever looking for new ideas and projects to start, so please please tag CROCHET in your posts as i am currently folloing the tag!

Lana xxx