Project Updates – 3rd Feb 2017

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Hello, creatives! 

I told you I’d keep you updated on projects, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, woo!

Current projects:

Bunny Soft Toy: 

I finally finished her! She’s got all her limbs now and is currently sat in my yarn basket waiting for her dress to be made! 

I absolutely love her and all her little imperfections. I can’t wait to develop on my soft toy technique (especially attaching/sewing everything together) and develop some patterns for you all! I need to work on the ears a little bit before anything can be finalised! 

Double Crochet Chunky Blanket: 

I absolutely love sitting on the sofa watching telly and endlessly double crocheting (US terms) away at this chunky blanket. I recently finished my last ball of yarn and have recently purchased another, I love the change in colours! 

It’s going to be a while before this is finished, but I’m okay with that!

Granny Square Blanket:

These poor squares have been neglected. Some of them have had a white/cream edge added to them ready to be sewn together, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only completed 9 out of about 40 squares! 

No photos of these!

Wooly Hat: 

Oops, mummy’s going to be angry! I still haven’t started it! I keep telling myself that it’s going to take such a small amount of time that I can put it off a little longer… 

Surprise gift for a best friend:

I’m half way through this now, it’s a little amigurumi animal (keeping the rest a secret however..) and it just needs patching together and some eyes before it goes in the post to her! Photos will be uploaded once she’s received it!

Added projects:

I know I already have too many on the go as it is (with a masters degree on top!) but I couldn’t help myself.

When I purchased the new ball of yarn for my chunky blanket, I also picked up some super soft chunky yarn fit for some baby bits! My eldest cousin being pregnant is one of the most exciting things for myself, my other 12 cousins and the rest of the family, and living on the other side of the world to them makes me want to crochet endless bits and bobs to post over!! 

I haven’t started anything yet, however I’ll be sure to update you when I do!

I’d love you opinions on my current projects as well as some suggested ideas for new ones!

Next update coming soon!

Crocheted with love, Lana xxx

Solid Granny Square Tutorial

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So i’ve recently restarted my youtube channel, not that there was much of it before, and will be dedicating it to crochet videos and possibly some lifestyle videos!

Today, i uploaded a video where i speak through a tutorial for crocheting a solid granny square and thought that i would type the pattern up to go along with it here to make things easier for you! I recently started crochet, and i’d love to share my new found passion with others, and give them an easy way to start off!

Heres a photo of the final squares (ignore the time and date in the bottom right hand corner, still figuring out the new camera!):

Granny Square Cover Photo.png

And here we go:

Hook and Yarn:
5mm Crochet Hook
WI Premium Acrylic Yarn from HobbyCraftUK


This pattern is written in US terminology. And the conversion chart below, taken from Simply Crochet, should help you out with abbreviations.

These are the abreviations i will be using throughout:

ss (slip stich):  insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook. Multple of these create a chain.

dc (double crochet): yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (two loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through remaining two loops

sl knot (slip knot)
ch (chain)
st (stitch)

Please click here for a clearer video tutorial -> YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIAL <-

Round 1: sl knot, ss 4 to create a ch, ss into the first loop ss of chain to crate a circle.
ch 5 (first 3 act as first dc, 2 act as corner). Into center of circle; dc 3, ss 2, dc 3, ss 2, dc 3, ss 2, dc 2, ss into top of ch. Total 3 dc along 1 side.

Round 2: ss 3, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, dc into following 3 st’s, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, dc into following 3 st’s, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, dc into following 2 st’s, ss into top of ss ch. Total 7 dc along 1 side.

Round 3: ss 3, dc into each st until corner, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, ss into all st’s until corner. Total 11 dc along 1 side. When you have reached the end, ss into top of ss ch.

Round 4 (final round): ss 3, dc into each st until corner, dc 2 into corner, ss 2, dc 2 into same corner, ss into all st’s until corner. Total 15 dc along 1 side. When you reach the end ss into the top of ss ch, ss 1 and pull tight. Cut yarn and pull last ss through. Use darning needle to sew tail into the square.

Hopefully your final product will look like the image above, please watch the video for clearer and easier instructions to follow!

See you soon!

Lana xxxxx