UV Gel Nail Excitement!

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Since leaving school, I’ve been obsessed with doing my nails. And recently, i’ve added something very exciting to my nail collection – A UV LAMP, meaning GEL NAILS! I personally feel they look better, they take less time to do, and they come off surprisingly a lot easier than expected!

The best thing is that although i do have some UV colours (that are colour temperature changing) I’m also still able to use my regular varnishes, but by using the UV top and base coat, it gives it that gel effect!

The lamp i have is a very cheap one off eBay, which i purchased for £10 including postage and packaging! There are a variety of lamps, large and small, but i personally thought a larger one which i could fit my whole hand (or foot) in at once was most useful.

Here is a few photos of the one i purchased which has worked perfectly for me!

It doesn’t have a brand name as it is quite a cheap one, but it does come with different settings. There is the basic on and off switch, and also an option to have the lights on a timer for 120 seconds (2 minutes) in which is usual drying time. Once pressed, it will turn itself off 120 seconds later which is super convenient, as you don’t have to think about how long your hand’s been under the lights!

The machine also came with the 4 lights as well, so you don’t have to go out hunting for your own! The inner surface is reflective which makes sure that the light is distributed all across your lovely nails.

I also purchased different thermal/chameleon UV Gel nail varnishes off of eBay, which when hot are one colour, and when cold another. They look so funky when they’re mid way though changing!

image1-2 image2-3

The first one changes between a light blue and a striking purple, and the second one changes between a nude/grey, to a dark black! They’re so much fun to play around with and they’re constantly changing.

Hop onto eBay, search UV Lamp, as well as UV Thermal/Chameleon Nail Varnishes, and it will come up with a wide range of types, colours and brands! I have used Chrystal-G as well as gdi, but don’t be afraid to try other ones!

Get experimenting!

– Lana xxx