Picking myself up again

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Hello creatives,

If you read my last post you’ll know that the past few weeks haven’t been easy. However, the way I have coped is by keeping my mind busy (or else everything hits me like a truck and I’m a sobbing mess). It may not work for everyone, but I thought I’d let you in on a few things I have been doing to keep my mind active (apart from crochet, because that’s just obvious)…

1) Reading 

I was at the airport waiting for my flight and decided to check out what books WHSmith were selling for their typical extortionate price. I looked at pretty much every book and then came across ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k’ by Sarah Knight, and it definitely struck me as a book I should be reading. 

I managed to finish it within a day of arriving back here in Nottingham and it has really made me think, however I don’t want to give too much away! 

Since then I’ve also purchased these two books: 

And after asking my no.1 girl gang group chat, the majority voted that I read ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Konda next (the girls always have my back on these tough TOUGH decisions! Haha). I will let you know how they go!

2) Keeping Fit

I have signed up to the gym! Whaaaaaat?! I know. Crazy. But the classes that they offer are just a brilliant way to start or end my day. 

So far I have attended:

  • Pure stretch
  • Fat loss induction
  • Pure fat burn
  • Pure cycle 

(If you hadn’t caught on, I signed up to PureGym…)

These classes have sorted out my sleeping, made me more productive through the day, and actually made me feel good about myself – WIN! 

3) Outings!

So although I left home on Saturday and it’s now only Thursday… Mummy has come to visit! And here’s a list of things we plan on doing to keep ourselves busy and make the most of the few days we have together:

  1. Go see Cirque Du Soleil’s Varekai! – we actually did that this evening and it was incredible! Cirque Du Soleil has never let us down. 
  2. Visit Wollaton Park – this is where Wayne Manor from Batman was filmed (I don’t remember which film specifically, but i guess you could google it if you’re interested haha!) 
  3. Go to a shopping outlet! Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy?
  4. And if we have time on top of that, we plan on going on a Nottingham/Nottinghamshire adventure! Who knows what that entails! 

Keeping my mind busy is definitely helping me cope. 

How do you cope?

Love, Lana xxx 



I lost my warrior. 

My grandmother was the cheekiest, purest soul. 

She left this world with me by her side at 4.05am on the 2nd of March 2017 in a very peaceful manner. 

She put up such a fight, but unfortunately, it was a battle she wasn’t going to win at the beautiful age of 86. 

In her last days I told her everything I wanted to, told her all my stories, kissed her, and hopefully made her proud with my studies as she’d always asked me to do (I got 3 grades back for my masters whilst ny her side and, without boasting, they were preeeeetty damn good by my standards). 

This last week has been tough. Sleepless nights, feeling helpless as she went through hundreds of seizures, and emotionally drained. 

She was and still is my everything.

I would like to thanks the NHS staff for everything they did for my family and myself. From blankets and pillows, to tea and toast, to even cake and coffee, they did everything possible to make the tough days slightly easier. Most of all, they respected my grans wishes and went above and beyond to help us organise a Muslim funeral (no one in my family has been through the process before, we were all clueless). 

I wasn’t ready for my Umi (as I called her) to leave me, or this world, however she left peacefully and pain free, after an adventurous 86 wonderful years of life, and that brings me peace during this hard time. 

I’ll forever hope her cheeky smile and memories will be passed down through generations to come. 

RIP Jamilah Robertson 1930-2017

P.s. I’m clueless as to how the photos will show on a computer as I have simply just uploaded them from my phone. 

Tragedy & Kind People

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Hello creatives,

Today is difficult. Today is not how I’d planned today. Wednesday evening I was flying to Spain from Nottingham, yesterday afternoon I was travelling back home to Scotland, and now I am sat at the bedside of my warrior, my grandma. 

If you read my Reflection post you’ll know that my beautiful grandma has recently had troubles with her health. However she recovered and was happy and healthy… Up until two days ago. 

She fell. Her weak legs gave in and she fell. The details of her fall are a bit fuzzy as no one can be sure and she was concust, but thank god her morning carer found her (she has a carer three times a day to make sure she has all her medication, however my mum visits her everyday also).

She’s now unconscious, with heavy internal bleeding of the brain, therefore unlike last time, she isn’t going to come back from this one. 

I can’t accept it. I can’t accept that her heart is healthy, something that hasn’t been healthy for a very long time, but one fall has left her in this condition. I won’t accept it. 

She is everything to me. 

My car is currently sat in the car park of Nottingham airport as I had a booking for it until tomorrow (Saturday), when I was meant to arrive back from Spain. But as I ended up flying directly from Spain to Scotland (flew into Edinburgh then drove three hours to Aberdeen as that was the quickest route) and I won’t be back by then, I was stuck in a sticky situation.

After phoning the airport parking sales counter and explaining my situation and putting them in a tough situation (there was physically no space for my car to stay there longer than tomorrow, they would have to figure something out) and I received this email:

I thought I had run out of tears until I read this…

Some people are so wonderful. 
Posts will be slow for a while, and I apologise for this, however I must be there for my family and take time to look after myself. I am so emotionally drained. 

Lana xxx 

Project and life update… 12/02/17

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Hello creatives,

So I’ve been really slow with progressing on any projects recently! With having my masters research project proposal due, and being between cars whilst mine was in the garage, I’ve been slacking!

Throughout the night last night my other half was up every hour after being hit with his third lot of norovirus! The poor thing is so unwell and the doctors will definitely be called first thing in the morning. It is not normal to have norovirus three times in 3 months! We think he could be picking it up from the hospital/medical school that he’s currently studying in. 

We have recently started trying to be healthy again after being seriously lazy with our eating habits. Healthy smoothies for breakfast and more home cooked meals! Yesterday’s was a homemade chicken and spinach masala and booooy was it gooood! (I was very impressed with myself) and I even made enough for leftovers today! 

As george was up sick all of last night, he has been in bed all day today, therefore leaving me with the day (and the telly) to myself! 

With all this time, what I should have been doing is starting my home workout routine, however I picked up the crochet hooks instead! Whoops! 

Between cleaning the flat after a week of visitors, and checking up on george I’ve managed to come up with this single crochet soft toy (not complete as you can see…). Don’t ask me what it’s going to be, because I couldn’t tell you haha, and the arms look a bit like chicken wings hahahaha! I’m just playing around with it at the moment, but I really like the idea of the limbs and body all being one piece!

More progress has been made on my chunky double crochet blanket, and I’ll definitely need another 200g ball of wool to get anywhere near done! I’ll have to find somewhere to take a full photo of what has been completed so far!

Fingers crossed that george recovers as it looks like we may have to scrap plans about his mum coming to stay with us next weekend as we can’t afford to spread the illness! It also looks like our Valentine’s Day dinner booking will have to be cancelled on Tuesday unfortunately (I’m gutted because it’s the yummiest fancy steak house, but obviously health comes first). 

Hope you have had a weekend full of rest!

I’ll keep you updated,

Love, Lana xoxo 

A reflection of recent events…


So i don’t really know how to begin this post.. I’ve been away from this blog for over a year now, and i feel like now is a good time to return. I’ve recently graduated from Aberystwyth University with honours, and been accepted onto a MSc (Master of Science) course at Nottingham Trent University. George and i will be moving into a little apartment together, and i guess the first stage of adult life will begin, and boy am i excited! But my time since graduation hasn’t been that easy.