Project Updates – 29th Jan 2017

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I’ve finally finished my first semester of my masters! woohoo! So in celebration, my other half and i celebrated by a trip to Ikea, a trip to the game store and a trip to HOBBYCRAFT!

Current projects: 

Bunny Soft Toy: 

So i’ve been making up a bunny soft toy to perfect my own pattern which im thinking of writing out and possibly making a series of video tutorials! There are so many imperfections, but i now know how to change those, and the improvements that need to be made for round two!

She’s currently missing arms (as im still playing around with the patterns for these), but here are a few progress pictures:


Double Crochet Chunky Blanket: 

This started with some leftover yarn that i had used to make slippers and a hat and got a bit bored of! I then bought the same ball of yarn again in a different colour, and find tis project super relaxing as i don’t have to pay much attention and the colours are very forgiving!


Granny Square Blanket:

This one is a slow process… i focused on it for too long, and now i find it hard to pickup again! Uh oh! But i will get there… slowly…

I think i’ll work on these a little more before putting any photos up, or else they’ll look identical to in y last post!

Wooly Hat: 

My mummy has requested a lilac wooly hat as she goes hiking every week, and the Scottish weather requires her to wrap up warm! I haven’t started this one yet, so i guess this is a reminder to myself to get a move on! She’s coming to stay with me in March!!

Surprise gift for a best friend:

So this one is a secret and again, it is a reminder to start! Its going to be so cute! I have recently received a set of new hooks, which are so dreamy to work with, and will make this little gift perfect!

I intend to keep you updated!
Crocheted with love, Lana xxx

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…


This year winter has been pretty cold! And its still freezing, even if its meant to be Spring… But, theres always a fashion positive to this weather, WOOLY HATS! I know you’re thinking that this post is a bit too late, but its actually the perfect time to stock up, as the sales are on!

image3-1                               image2-1

I first bought one last winter from NEXT, which was £10, and because of the price, i felt that one was more than enough (student problems)! But during this winter period, i was lucky enough to have been bought one, and it is definitely my favourite. Its from Dorothy Perkins, and has two pom pom ears, its soooooo cute. There was the option of many colours but when it comes to wooly hats, i personally prefer to stay neutral, so that i can make the most of each!

image5-1                              image4-1

My next hat was a difficult choice as it also came in red, which stood out and i absolutely adored! But i had to go with the cream as it just worked better with the colours of my wardrobe.
The NEXT hat isn’t currently on sale, as the shops winter stock has ended, even though i feel winter will be around for a while longer! But the Dorothy Perkins one is! I picked the black, but it also comes in a dark green and a cream colour. As always, prices vary between the colours during the sales (which i’ve failed to ever understand properly) but as of today, these are the following prices!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 19.50.43 Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 19.51.08 Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 19.52.12

Unfortunately, i have had a look on the NEXT website, and the woollen hat i own is no longer available, sad face, but i’m sure they’ll come back around. I find that the next one tends to stretch out after a lot of wear, whereas the Dorothy Perkins one clings tight to your ears, keeping them warm as well as your head!

I love winter wear, especially knitwear (just received a BOOHOO package with two tops in the post this morning!) and ill be wearing it for as long as fashionably possible! These hats in this post have served me well throughout the winter, and i recommend them to anyone looking for a new wooly hat!

– Lana xoxo