2018 Health Kick?


Hello Creatives!

Twenty Eighteen has finally arrived and I can’t help but want to make it a reason to start new and make some changes in my life – beginning with my health. 

I go through these phases where im super unhappy with my body, so drastically change my lifestyle for a short period of time, then once im feeling better about myself again i let myself go and its a vicious cycle! I just cant seem to maintain the motivation! Anyone else feel this way?

I would love some tips and tricks about how to stay motivated. I will be starting full time work on the 22nd of this month, and im hoping that it will push me into a routine that ill be able to keep up with (really hoping that without being able to have ‘lazy days’ on weekdays, ill be able to stay focused).

I dont currently have a gym close to me, or the money to pay membership for one, so im really hoping ill be able to find a home work out program of some sort that ill be able to follow! Any suggestions?

Ive had a go at a few free apps, but so far the Nike Training Club app is my favourite! You can create a plan and it will give you different work outs to complete in order to reach your goals. Theres options to complete work outs with out without equiptment, and from beginner to advanced and low intensity to high.

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I pretty much need some motivation so if anyone wants to give me a kick up the arse, go ahead! Haha!

Until next time,

Lana xxx


Student Life

Many of you probably have an account, as well as myself, and I feel it is a brilliant platform to get to know eachother better! 

It’s probably the social media in which I post most frequently!

Sooooo, if you would like, follow my account at @lanaamayy and comment below with your account name and I’ll follow you back! 

– Lana xxx 

When it comes to keeping fit at University!

Student Life

Since i was young, I’ve been in and out of every type of sport and constantly on the go! Starting young with swimming, then onto gymnastics, then rugby (which unfortunately led to a broken arm a few years in) and now cheerleading! I’ve loved each and every one of them and of course all the extra sports and activities in between!

When i played rugby, i was living in Dubai and playing for the Dubai Hurricanes. It was a very close community, with the rugby mums at every session, and dads cheering us all on at our fortnightly tournaments that took place all over the UAE. It was a great time and i loved every second of it!

Cheerleading is the main sport i now do in university. I’d never tried it before until a year ago, and i fell in love instantly! and trust me, it’s not all pom poms and ‘GIVE ME AN ‘A”, it’s a lot more physically demanding than that! No one truly understands how much work it is and how difficult it can actually be, so TAB Aberystwyth joined for a taster session and wrote this article on cheerleading!

In my first year of cheerleading, i was what you call a Flyer; the person that’s thrown about in the air, and now, in my second year, I’ve opted to be a Base; a person who throws the flyer in the air, to work on my upper body strength! Its been great, these guns just keep growing!

Im not the most flexible, but theres never a wrong time to pull a scorp or a scale! For example these from my Spain holiday with George!

For those who don’t know much about cheerleading, or are still not convinced, here are a few videos of my team the ‘Aberystwyth University Tarannau Cheerleaders’ from our competition season last year (in which we totally wiped the floor, first places all round! – National Champion status!). I really want to add some videos of a few moves during practice but until i manage to get them, these will do for now, and that just means another cheer post on its way!!


Me holding our first place trophy!

Firstly, this was our main routine, its the group with the largest amount of people performing. We completed at level 2 all girls! This video makes me tear up every time, after all the hard work and stress we all went through, to perform this so well and come out with a first was incredible! This was the second time we performed, as the first time we performed, someone was badly injured, stopping the routine and giving us about 30 minutes to work with and rearrange the routine as we were one member short!!

Secondly, is my level two stunt group! Unfortunately i was injured 3 days before the competition and was left in a neck brace, but luckily the wonderful flyer, Giulia, stepped in, learnt it, and they came out with a first!

So many emotions rush through you during these performances and when sitting on the mat surrounded by all the other teams during the trophy ceremony, you’re shaking with nerves!

I hope this post shows a bit of insight into cheerleading as well as me being able to share a passion!

With the amount of training I’ve been doing recently (Average of 3-4 hours a day) I’ve thought its been the perfect time to begin my Protein World Slimming Shakes! So in the next few weeks ill put up a post on my progress so far!

– Lana xxx

Healthy Replacements for Those Tempting Treats

Eat Clean

If you’re anything like me, all you do is complain about how you want to get fitter, lose weight and eat healthy! But all you really do is google ‘ab exercises’ or look for the next dieting pill or weight loss remedies, but don’t actually get anything useful done!

Some people, especially George, were born incredibly lucky with the power to maintain a toned figure and eat all the junk they want without the side effects of putting on weight, or losing muscle definition (then again the boy does get spotty after a week of takeaways!). But others like myself can feel every tiny bit of fat layer itself up on every inch of my body – Gross. I just HAD to find something i could eat without feeling yucky, and that he would enjoy and not think was ‘too healthy’ (if thats even a thing…)

The amount of times I’ve said to myself “oh just one bite won’t hurt” and it leads to me devouring a whole tub of ice cream is shocking, and i want to be able to do this without the following guilt! Luckily i stumbled across the perfect solution – Homemade banana ice cream! Unfortunate if you don’t like bananas, but you’d be surprised how much the flavour can change with just the addition of extra ingredients.

Have a look for yourself!

Homemade Banana Ice Cream


The best bit about this recipe? ONE MAIN INGREDIENT. – BANANAS

1. Peel a bunch of healthy looking bananas (Yellow with maybe a few brown spots) and place them into a deep bowl. The amount of bananas you peel is dependant of the amount of ice cream you want!

2. Once peeled, cut them however you want, slices, halves, quarters, your choice, and stick them in the freezer for at least 2 hours, or until frozen.

3. Take your frozen banana pieces out of the freezer and place them into a food processor or blender (make sure your blender is powerful enough to handle frozen bananas!) and blend till smooth in texture. You can add a touch of milk if you want to help the blending process as well. It should look something along the lines of this!


4. Scoop it out and Voila! Deliciously smooth banana ice cream!

If you’re not a keen banana fan, test out the addition of different ingredients!
– Mint Choc Chip? Chocolate chips and a few drops of peppermint oil.
– Cherry and Vanilla? Add frozen cherries and few drops of vanilla flavouring.
– Peanutbutter? Well.. you can probably guess!

As usual, GET EXPERIMENTING. Guilt free ice cream, ready to be devoured!

– Lana xxx