Hard Work Pays Off

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So here we go with the series of life updates.

January 2019, one year after I started my job, I moved on to join a new company. I made the big switch from public sector to private sector!

Long story short I was pushing for my goals and tried for months to get a promotion, which would allow me to get the salary I deserved for the level of work I was doing. After months of proving myself, the council I worked for created a new role within the team to accommodate me at the appropriate level – success!

As you can imagine it a humongous spanner was thrown into the works when my first manager (who had left to join his wife’s private sector company) approached me and took me out to a business lunch. Let’s cut to the chase – he offered me a job before we even walked in and a day later I accepted AHH!

My mind was everywhere, I felt like I’d played a massive game with my current workplace just to leave them on the home stretch. But then the private sector role offered so many more opportunities to develop and grow within myself and my career. I was so torn.

It was the best decision I ever made (and did I mention the pay rise?!)

Ok ok ok so now onto George…

The job he was working was drilling him into the ground. My George wasn’t my George, he was miserable.

As soon as I took my new job, it gave us financial freedom to allow him to outright quit his job and devote 100% of his focus on finding something bigger and better… and 3 weeks later he cane away with 3 interviews. INCREDIBLE.

Oh, and that turned into two job offers!

Accepting an amazing new job position completely brought back my George and our future was so exciting. Ugh I am forever proud of him. March 2019 was a good’un.

So that’s the first massive life update complete. NEW JOBS!

Until next time…

Lana xxx