So the other day, I woke Kim up, got her into this dress, and asked her to run around our forest of a garden! Unfortunately as i haven’t used my camera in a while, the battery died, as well as the external flash… sooo not a lot could be done. However, I didn’t want to waste any photos taken and tried to save some of the super dark ones, which have created a spooky feel. Really want to do this again at some point with a full powered camera, and possibly in the sunshine – We’ll see.

Let me know what you think. I also made a super cute video from it, which you can view on my Instagram account (@lanaamayy) !!

– Lana xxx

Netflix Obsession Series

Student Life

Seeing as the exam period ended, and there was a lot of free time on our hands, there have been a few tv shows that myself, George, and the rest of the house have become obsessed with. As we’ve watched them on Netflix, and only the first few series seem to be up on there (Goddammit Netflix!) We’ve reached the point of having to stream them online (naughty). Heres our top 3!

1. Orphan Black


When we started this half way through exam period – bad idea…. but what was worse is that Netflix only has two seasons of it even though the third is out!

The plot is pretty much about a bunch of identical people (trying not to give it away too much) and how their lives end up changing forever when they all discover each other!

That sounds super vague, but you’ll thank me later! I highly recommend it! Its a drama series so although isn’t terrifying, does have the odd jumpy part to keep you on your toes.

My house and i have made a deal that we all won’t watch it unless we’re all together, and as Kim is back home for a while, we’re all left waiting. But i know the wait will be worth it!

2. Lost Girl

imagehandler.axdLost girl reminds me a bit of Charmed (if anyone remembers that show…) but not filled with spells and potions, just Fae (watch and you’ll understand). We began watching this one as a house as well on Netflix, although we’ve all progressed at different speeds!

Slightly jumpy, but interesting.

3. Almost Naked Animals

AlmostNakedAnimals_Header_30mei2012Now, you’re probably thinking – What on eaaaaaarth?! but trust me, don’t knock it till you try it! Its one of those shows that you can watch any episode of, in any order, and also have on in the background whilst doing other things!

Its hilarious, I’m sure it was intended as purely a children’s show at the beginning, but it has a lot of deeper meaning to it (not as deep as Adventure time – great show) but also humorous.

As a bonus, or maybe not, it has a suuuuuuper catchy theme tune which will get stuck in your head and force you to continue watching!