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Many of you probably have an account, as well as myself, and I feel it is a brilliant platform to get to know eachother better! 

It’s probably the social media in which I post most frequently!

Sooooo, if you would like, follow my account at @lanaamayy and comment below with your account name and I’ll follow you back! 

– Lana xxx 

Sorry sorry sorry!

Student Life

Hi guys,

I’m super sorry that i haven’t posted in a while! Ive been incredibly busy with University work, ive even had to stay an extra week for a field course, which is eating a whole week into my Easter holidays! – not faaaaaaaair. But i have so many things i want to post about, for example I WAS NOMINATED FOR THE LEIBSTER AWARD by the beautiful Skyeskretcher (you do not understand how excited i am!).

trust me, once this week is over, its a full two weeks of relaxation, the first one may consist of a bit of work, as i do have endless amounts, but the second week will be in the beautiful Marbella, Spain – ooooooh i cant wait!

So i will have lots and lots of relaxing time to catch you up on my life and post post post!

– Lana xoxo

How do you get your ‘chill’ on?

Student Life

Burning Christmas candlesSo i’m currently in the most relaxing and happy place i’ve been in a while. It’s moments like these that make you realise that it’s the little things that count. No matter how many times people say it, you have to experience it before you’re able to understand fully.

Let me explain my surroundings;

Im new to this, and this is a big step for me…


So, although very known to those who know me in person, those of you who don’t know me should know that make up is not my friend. I don’t understand it, i don’t know what works with my face, and i feel very claustrophobic pancaked up.

I embrace spots, and i’m someone who enjoys making homemade face masks, and the natural look. But there are times when i want to go out with all my glammed up friends who look stunning, and i wish that i could get my face to look that way; currently i do the winged eye liner and mascara… and thats it… nothing special in the slightest.

Whilst at my latest cheer competition, i had multiple hours to wait before competing, and wanted to play around with my friend Amy’s make up and see what creation i could come up with on my face, just to look good in the photos! And i think i may have opened the door, knocked down the nerves, and made it that one step closer to the world of eyeshadow (i was using her naked palette though…)

To top it all off, i’ve finally found a BB cream in my colour, which saves me from the world of foundation! I’d like to greatly thank Nivea for their medium to dark shade of BB cream – you’ve made me feel more girly, and are my new favourite replacement for a foundation! (not that i wore any previously, but you see where i’m going with this!). I’m wearing it in the photos below!


Instead of throwing myself in to the overly priced deep end of the eye shaddow world, and purchasing myself a Naked Palette, i went for a cheap £2.99 palette (usually £3.99, but was on offer), called eyes uncovered in nude, by Collection. I know you beauty bloggers will be screaming, but i’m so new to it, that for now, this will do!


I started using the third one in (called “biscuit”) and then worked in the darker tones towards the outer edge of my eyes. Below are a few photos of my first attempt! I know theres so much room to improve, and any advice would seriously help me!








i apologise for the lack of eyebrow game, as well as the hair leaning towards the greasy side, oops…
I think i’m getting there with this make up thing, slowly slowly…
Id love your opinions and ideas for me to try next!

– Lana xoxo

A gift from me to you! Thanks to BLACKTIED!


Hi guys!

Recently i posted a post about a surprise that was coming your way which involved something personalised, and here it is!

I have been in contact recently with the online independent jewellery shop Black Tied and they have very kindly created a personalised discount code for you readers, which i will reveal at the end of this post!

After communicating with them, i purchased two items off their website, which are their top sellers! These are the their pure aluminium silver cuff bracelets. You can either purchase a ready printed one with different symbols on them, or for the same price, can personalise your own with letters, numbers and symbols! This is perfect for those special, thoughtful presents, or even to remember a significant moment or time in your own life. 

I bought two, and as one of these was a birthday gift, i have had to wait until today to put this post up, as they have now received it!

My first cuff bracelet was for myself, and had the coordinates of where i consider home on it. As ive constantly moved around the world for the past 8-9 years of my life, ive always had one place which i’ve considered my permanent home, this being Scotland. And i thought this was a lovely idea to have on my cuff, as i can always carry home with me, wherever i am, and whichever country i’m in. I also had the ‘ohm’ sign printed onto the cuff openings, as it is a hindu symbol that represents spiritual perfection with yourself. Its meaning is that of absolute knowledge and it encompasses all of creation. It is the symbol for divine energy and creation.




The second was for one of the best people i’ve ever met, and it was her 20th birthday recently, so i thought it would be the perfect present for her! I originally asked black Tied whether it would be possible to have the letters printed on the inside of the cuff (as i’m sure she wouldn’t want to be walking around with HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY written across her wrist every day) but as the printing leaves a mark on the opposite side of the cuff, this wasn’t possible. So i changed my request to having her date of birth printed, with a sun either side of it, and on the cuff openings was a 2 and a 0, creating 20 when the cuff endings were close.




When it comes to fit, and sizing, they are made in one size only. And usually this would worry me as i have the worlds tiniest wrists, and struggle to find any bracelets that fit! But with these, you can mould them into the size you need and the fit you like! They’re incredibly easy to squeeze into size, but are also amazing at keeping in the shape you put them in.

If you’re someone that generally keeps jewellery on for long periods of time these are perfect, as they aren’t the the most convenient to put on and take off multiple times, as that requires a lot of bending of your cuff, unless you like it to loosely fit.

Im absolutely in love with mine, and its definitely a purchase i don’t regret! Its just gorgeous.

If you’re interested in one of your own, or anything else off of their website, i have a special discount code which you can use at checkout to get you 15% off!



This code is valid from today (20th Feb) for a month (till 20th March) which gives you a long time to get creative with your personalisation! and even possibly buy a second round if you fall in love as much as i did!

All cuffs are £12, which i feel is beyond reasonable! And other products vary in price but are also fabulously priced.

follow them on instagram: @blacktied they are very good at keeping you updated, answering questions, and posting their recent personalised orders! Seeing yours up on their page makes you super impatient, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be checking your post box every day!

Get buying, experimenting, and giving!

– Lana xoxo

One Step Closer

ZeroSpace Apparel

Hey guys!

Finally, after busy busy weeks, we have had the afternoon free to work on our t-shirts! And guess what, they all now have our labels in them! The newer ones have our newer labels, whilst the older ones still have the labels previously sewn in!

We’re so excited about finally having them that one step closer to being complete! A few of our friends have been nagging us as they’re dying to own one, and its pushed us in the right direction!

All that needs to be done now, its to decide which would look better with a breast badge, and which would look better without (or with our new “handwritten” logo!).

If we continue at the pace we’re going at, hopefully they’ll be available to you readers super duper soon! A year late, i know. Sorry.

Today has made me the most excited i have been about these t-shirts in a while, and i just cant wait to hear feedback on them!


One step closer.

– Lana xoxo

Little Surprise Coming Your Way!


I’ve recently been speaking to a wonderful online independent jewellers and have come to a deal of giving you readers a 15% discount code off of their products! Lucky youuuuuuu!
So keep your eyes peeled for the next post on this to be able to get your hands on yours!
I recently ordered some lovely items from their website which recently arrived, and without trying to give too much away, i simply adore items that you can personalise!

Watch this space

Lana xoxo

Shop Dixi – My favourite online jewellery shop!


I don’t know about you, but i absolutely adore rings! Rings are my favourite pieces jewellery, which is slowly becoming a problem as i’m running out of fingers to wear them on!

The type of jewellery I personally like is that of the ‘independent’ stores, stores such as Regal Rose, Black Tied, Rose Garden Waterfall, Shop Moon Child & Empty Casket (Just to name a few…)

But my ultimate favourite would have to be SHOP DIXI. I have ordered from there once before and have posted photos or my purchased items on instagram, and after them being noticed by Shop Dixi and placed into their ‘Flash Image’ post, i recieved an amazing 30% discount code from them for further purchases! As i’m terrible at keeping track of things like that, completely forgot to use it, and unfortunately it timed out (Gutted).

Shop Dixi always have new stock coming in, as well as constantly restocking their items which are constantly sold out! Recently, i went onto their online shop to look for my next purchase, but unfortunately, all my favourite pieces were sold out 😦 !! I have screen shotted a few of my favourite pieces for you to see, and to have a taster on what type of jewellery they have to offer, as well as the pieces i have previously bought.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 17.25.00Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 17.25.21These two are from the Underworld Collection, and i just adore the colours and the shape of the stones. They’re very rough cut, but at the same time ‘perfectly’ shaped. Although the prices are on the upper end of my budget, i feel these pieces are very much worth it, like all of Shop Dixi pieces, as they are very high quality and mostly, if not always, made from sterling silver – beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 17.32.52Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 17.31.49Now although i said i loved rings, my second love is anklets. Ive always had anklets on, and i still have one which i got from a local village in Thailand whilst on a school trip to when i was 12/13yrs old, as well as a friendship bracelet from Georges mum which was too big for my wrist! There is such a wide variety that you can pick from, and they are currently in the Winter Sale for HALF PRICE. Although i want them all, i’m limited to two different kinds, as everyone is buying them – FAST. I find them so dainty and a gorgeous accessory to wear during those summer days when your ankles are exposed! The complements will be endless if you get yourself a pair, trust me. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 17.23.52Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 17.25.52I’ve had my eye on this first piece for a while now. The stones are Herkimer Diamonds, and they are stunning. The natural beauty they possess blows me away, and i am dying to own a ring with one on it! (although living on a student budget has made this a problem..). There is also one which instead of one stone, has 3! And it’s beautiful.
The second pieces are very similar except made from Tibetan Quartz, and they come in different shades. I like this as it makes every single piece different to another!

image1-3image2-4The first picture shows my poison box ring on my middle finger. Its a perfect fit, and such high quality. The clasp which keeps it shut is also very strong so that it doesn’t pop open by accident!

The second ring is my thumb ring, it is so unbelievably comfortable, although it isn’t sterling silver so i had to line the inside with a nail varnish clear coat to prevent my thumb going green from wearing it so often! Not a problem though as it is such a beautiful piece. That photo was taken up constitution hill with George on a chilled summers day!

IMG_8949Processed with MoldivThese two photos above show other times in which i’ve worn them as well as how they fit in with the other jewellery i also always wear.

Shop Dixi is an amazing online store which sells beautiful pieces, go have a look for yourself! Once you purchase your first piece, i promise you you’ll only want more!

– Lana xxx

UV Gel Nail Excitement!

Beauty, DIY

Since leaving school, I’ve been obsessed with doing my nails. And recently, i’ve added something very exciting to my nail collection – A UV LAMP, meaning GEL NAILS! I personally feel they look better, they take less time to do, and they come off surprisingly a lot easier than expected!

The best thing is that although i do have some UV colours (that are colour temperature changing) I’m also still able to use my regular varnishes, but by using the UV top and base coat, it gives it that gel effect!

The lamp i have is a very cheap one off eBay, which i purchased for £10 including postage and packaging! There are a variety of lamps, large and small, but i personally thought a larger one which i could fit my whole hand (or foot) in at once was most useful.

Here is a few photos of the one i purchased which has worked perfectly for me!

It doesn’t have a brand name as it is quite a cheap one, but it does come with different settings. There is the basic on and off switch, and also an option to have the lights on a timer for 120 seconds (2 minutes) in which is usual drying time. Once pressed, it will turn itself off 120 seconds later which is super convenient, as you don’t have to think about how long your hand’s been under the lights!

The machine also came with the 4 lights as well, so you don’t have to go out hunting for your own! The inner surface is reflective which makes sure that the light is distributed all across your lovely nails.

I also purchased different thermal/chameleon UV Gel nail varnishes off of eBay, which when hot are one colour, and when cold another. They look so funky when they’re mid way though changing!

image1-2 image2-3

The first one changes between a light blue and a striking purple, and the second one changes between a nude/grey, to a dark black! They’re so much fun to play around with and they’re constantly changing.

Hop onto eBay, search UV Lamp, as well as UV Thermal/Chameleon Nail Varnishes, and it will come up with a wide range of types, colours and brands! I have used Chrystal-G as well as gdi, but don’t be afraid to try other ones!

Get experimenting!

– Lana xxx