How do you get your ‘chill’ on?

Student Life

Burning Christmas candlesSo i’m currently in the most relaxing and happy place i’ve been in a while. It’s moments like these that make you realise that it’s the little things that count. No matter how many times people say it, you have to experience it before you’re able to understand fully.

Let me explain my surroundings;

The Beginning

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There are so many things i want to write about! Everything from Christmas sale purchases, fashion, homemade beauty remedies, living abroad, music to clean eating (although as much as i love the idea of clean eating, sticking to it is the hardest part, especially on a student budget!) and i feel that now that the new year has come, its a great time to begin sharing and experimenting!

Now lets see how long this lasts…

Im excited.

– Lana xxx