I lost my warrior. 

My grandmother was the cheekiest, purest soul. 

She left this world with me by her side at 4.05am on the 2nd of March 2017 in a very peaceful manner. 

She put up such a fight, but unfortunately, it was a battle she wasn’t going to win at the beautiful age of 86. 

In her last days I told her everything I wanted to, told her all my stories, kissed her, and hopefully made her proud with my studies as she’d always asked me to do (I got 3 grades back for my masters whilst ny her side and, without boasting, they were preeeeetty damn good by my standards). 

This last week has been tough. Sleepless nights, feeling helpless as she went through hundreds of seizures, and emotionally drained. 

She was and still is my everything.

I would like to thanks the NHS staff for everything they did for my family and myself. From blankets and pillows, to tea and toast, to even cake and coffee, they did everything possible to make the tough days slightly easier. Most of all, they respected my grans wishes and went above and beyond to help us organise a Muslim funeral (no one in my family has been through the process before, we were all clueless). 

I wasn’t ready for my Umi (as I called her) to leave me, or this world, however she left peacefully and pain free, after an adventurous 86 wonderful years of life, and that brings me peace during this hard time. 

I’ll forever hope her cheeky smile and memories will be passed down through generations to come. 

RIP Jamilah Robertson 1930-2017

P.s. I’m clueless as to how the photos will show on a computer as I have simply just uploaded them from my phone.