Hard Work Pays Off

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So here we go with the series of life updates.

January 2019, one year after I started my job, I moved on to join a new company. I made the big switch from public sector to private sector!

Long story short I was pushing for my goals and tried for months to get a promotion, which would allow me to get the salary I deserved for the level of work I was doing. After months of proving myself, the council I worked for created a new role within the team to accommodate me at the appropriate level – success!

As you can imagine it a humongous spanner was thrown into the works when my first manager (who had left to join his wife’s private sector company) approached me and took me out to a business lunch. Let’s cut to the chase – he offered me a job before we even walked in and a day later I accepted AHH!

My mind was everywhere, I felt like I’d played a massive game with my current workplace just to leave them on the home stretch. But then the private sector role offered so many more opportunities to develop and grow within myself and my career. I was so torn.

It was the best decision I ever made (and did I mention the pay rise?!)

Ok ok ok so now onto George…

The job he was working was drilling him into the ground. My George wasn’t my George, he was miserable.

As soon as I took my new job, it gave us financial freedom to allow him to outright quit his job and devote 100% of his focus on finding something bigger and better… and 3 weeks later he cane away with 3 interviews. INCREDIBLE.

Oh, and that turned into two job offers!

Accepting an amazing new job position completely brought back my George and our future was so exciting. Ugh I am forever proud of him. March 2019 was a good’un.

So that’s the first massive life update complete. NEW JOBS!

Until next time…

Lana xxx

Thought of the day – 1st ‘Sick’ Day

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Hello Creatives!

Today I write this post from my bed whilst sick as a bug with the flu!

With starting my first proper full time job comes a lot of new experiences. I love my job, I love my team and on days like this where it is physically impossible for me to work, I still can’t help but feel guilty that I’ve phoned in sick. I’ve not been sick since 2016 (don’t ask me how…) so this illness has hit me like a truck! I just feel like I’m ‘skiving’ work.

I was sent home from work early yesterday when I was coming down with this flu and under strict instructions to not log in from home, and I totally appreciate that my team care about me that much, but I honestly struggle to lay here in bed on a Wednesday without doing something productive towards my job!

Ah well, there’s a first time for everything though I guess. Fingers crossed this passes quickly because I can’t cope with sitting still for another few days!

Do any of you feel the same?

Until next time,

Lana xxx

Life Update | Finding that work/social life balance!

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Hello Creatives!

So I have now started week FIVE of my new job! How on earth has that flown past so quickly?! I adore my job and everything that comes with it – the people, the atmosphere, learning something new everyday… it’s fantastic!

The one thing that I am still learning however, is how to cope with seeing less of my better half. I get up in the morning at 7am, head off to work at 8am then don’t get home till around 6.30pm. George makes me dinner every night, we talk about our days, and by 9pm I’m already tucking myself into bed because I’m just so tired! I finally appreciate weekends!

Also, having to go to public places on weekends because that’s the only free time you have to go shopping is horrible.. I can’t handle the crowds!

I also find that with having to dress myself up and look presentable everyday of the working week, I just want to be in comfy clothes for the weekend.. my casual sense of style has flown out the window!

And lastly, but definitely not least, I HAVE NO TIME TO CROCHET! This makes me so sad. I have mittens I’ve made Georges brother (I say made but they’re not finished yet) that are the colours of the football team he supports that stare at me every evening but I just don’t have the energy to pick them up! They were originally for Christmas, then for his birthday (which is tomorrow) and now it looks like they’ll just be a ‘oh I made these for you for no special occasion’ present! (Which isn’t such a bad thing).

Adjusting to full time working life as well as a brand new location at the same time is hard. I won’t lie, there’s been a fair share of tears that George has had to wipe away and tell me everything will be okay, but I just don’t love this place as much as I loved Nottingham. Maybe that’s because I don’t know it yet and I’ve not had the chance to explore? Maybe it’s because it’s so much more expensive due to it being commuter belt to London? Who knows. I know I love my job and I know I come home everyday to the person I love, so what else do I really need – I shouldn’t be greedy.

Anyway, once I FINALLY get my act together (or you could say settle into a routine) and finish the mittens/gloves, I’ll be sure to show you them!

Life update complete!

How do you balance your work and social time? Any tips? Also, enjoy the picture/featured image of our new kitchen… it’s pretty dreamy. (P.s. we now have the worlds smallest washing machine – more on that another time – and bar stools!)

Until next time,

Love Lana xxx

2018 Health Kick?


Hello Creatives!

Twenty Eighteen has finally arrived and I can’t help but want to make it a reason to start new and make some changes in my life – beginning with my health. 

I go through these phases where im super unhappy with my body, so drastically change my lifestyle for a short period of time, then once im feeling better about myself again i let myself go and its a vicious cycle! I just cant seem to maintain the motivation! Anyone else feel this way?

I would love some tips and tricks about how to stay motivated. I will be starting full time work on the 22nd of this month, and im hoping that it will push me into a routine that ill be able to keep up with (really hoping that without being able to have ‘lazy days’ on weekdays, ill be able to stay focused).

I dont currently have a gym close to me, or the money to pay membership for one, so im really hoping ill be able to find a home work out program of some sort that ill be able to follow! Any suggestions?

Ive had a go at a few free apps, but so far the Nike Training Club app is my favourite! You can create a plan and it will give you different work outs to complete in order to reach your goals. Theres options to complete work outs with out without equiptment, and from beginner to advanced and low intensity to high.

Related image

I pretty much need some motivation so if anyone wants to give me a kick up the arse, go ahead! Haha!

Until next time,

Lana xxx

Officially an Adult!

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Hello Creatives!

I hope you’ve had a magical Christmas and a wonderful new year! I was lucky enough to spend mine in Spain with my mum and dad, however the wonderful trip has come to an end!

The trip was filled with beautiful views:

Wonderful food:

And the best company – My parents ❤️

I’m sat writing this on my Ryanair flight back to Bristol from Malaga whilst waiting for everyone to board and I can’t help but realise that this was my last holiday before full time employment begins, where holidays may not be so spontaneous anymore!

I’m so excited to get back to George, and I can’t wait for us to celebrate Christmas again together! Well… open presents (as I couldn’t bring mine to Spain, apart from ones mum and dad brought for me – some beautiful wool and a Fitbit!).

This evening will be relaxed, and tomorrow we set off at the crack of dawn to Aylesbury to view a few properties to move into for our next adventure!

Oops I better go! Doors are shutting and fingers crossed take off will be shortly (we’re already delayed by 10 minutes… typical!).

Until next time, where I’ll update you on our adventures,

Love Lana xxx

Life at 100 Miles an Hour

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Hello Creatives,

Our move to Bristol has been relatively smooth, however I’ve not had 10 minutes to sit down yet! As I managed to bag myself a part time job, I’m currently sat in a hotel room in Leicestershire after 4 days of working as an Ecologist on some of our sites, with my suitcase packed ready to head back to Bristol!

One thing I love about being an ecologist and the position I’m currently in, is that nature is my office and with the early starts, I get to witness the most beautiful sunrises!

(Don’t get me wrong there’s many things I’m not a fan of, e.g. getting caught in the rain, slipping on my arse in mud etc…)

But today’s nippy 2 degree weather with the sun shining through brought along the best sunrise I’ve seen all year. Frost on the ground for the first time, and also the first time I had to scrape the car windows of all its ice!

Enjoy these photos I managed to capture today:

I’m dying to fish my crochet hooks and wool out of their boxes and whip up some cosy items for this winter season! I reckon that’s what I’ll do when I’m back this evening….

Until next time,

Lana xxx