Healthy Replacements for Those Tempting Treats

Eat Clean

If you’re anything like me, all you do is complain about how you want to get fitter, lose weight and eat healthy! But all you really do is google ‘ab exercises’ or look for the next dieting pill or weight loss remedies, but don’t actually get anything useful done!

Some people, especially George, were born incredibly lucky with the power to maintain a toned figure and eat all the junk they want without the side effects of putting on weight, or losing muscle definition (then again the boy does get spotty after a week of takeaways!). But others like myself can feel every tiny bit of fat layer itself up on every inch of my body – Gross. I just HAD to find something i could eat without feeling yucky, and that he would enjoy and not think was ‘too healthy’ (if thats even a thing…)

The amount of times I’ve said to myself “oh just one bite won’t hurt” and it leads to me devouring a whole tub of ice cream is shocking, and i want to be able to do this without the following guilt! Luckily i stumbled across the perfect solution – Homemade banana ice cream! Unfortunate if you don’t like bananas, but you’d be surprised how much the flavour can change with just the addition of extra ingredients.

Have a look for yourself!

Homemade Banana Ice Cream


The best bit about this recipe? ONE MAIN INGREDIENT. – BANANAS

1. Peel a bunch of healthy looking bananas (Yellow with maybe a few brown spots) and place them into a deep bowl. The amount of bananas you peel is dependant of the amount of ice cream you want!

2. Once peeled, cut them however you want, slices, halves, quarters, your choice, and stick them in the freezer for at least 2 hours, or until frozen.

3. Take your frozen banana pieces out of the freezer and place them into a food processor or blender (make sure your blender is powerful enough to handle frozen bananas!) and blend till smooth in texture. You can add a touch of milk if you want to help the blending process as well. It should look something along the lines of this!


4. Scoop it out and Voila! Deliciously smooth banana ice cream!

If you’re not a keen banana fan, test out the addition of different ingredients!
– Mint Choc Chip? Chocolate chips and a few drops of peppermint oil.
– Cherry and Vanilla? Add frozen cherries and few drops of vanilla flavouring.
– Peanutbutter? Well.. you can probably guess!

As usual, GET EXPERIMENTING. Guilt free ice cream, ready to be devoured!

– Lana xxx

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