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I want to give the wonderful Skyeskretcher a massive thank you for this amazing nomination! Please go have a look at her blog (link will open up a new tab!) and throw her some deserved likes and comments!

These are the rules in case you want to participate:

  1. Link back to the person that nominated you.
  2. Answer the Q’s asked by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 300 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees. (Located at the every end of this post).
  5. Notify all nominees on their blogs and/or social media.

To all of my nominees, please scroll down at the end of the post for the questions I have for you.

My Nominees:

Questions asked by my nominator:

1.) What is the story behind your blog’s name?
I currently live in Wales on a road called Brynglas road, which translates to Blue hill, and when trying to think of a name for a blog, which can always be difficult,

2.) What is your favourite colour of choice for your everyday ‘out of the house’ clothing?
For me it would have to be a neutral colour or earth tone, i couldn’t specifically pick one colour, as i like to have the outfit as a whole quite subtle, with maybe a pop of colour!

3.) Are you an online shopper or an in-store shopper? Why?
Online definitely! I live in a small Welsh seaside town where i go to University, and the best clothing stores are independent little ones, most of which have shut down due to lack of business 😦 So i’d definitely have to say i’m an online shopper, unless i’m in a bigger city where there are loads of shops, then ill go wild, and in store.

4.) Which department do you find yourself gravitate towards more; drugstore, high-end, designer, or luxurious brands? Why?
Drug store. I love them and i cant quite explain why. I reckon the closest i could get to explaining, is that ive never been one for thick make up, and i’ve always loved the natural look, so doing into the drugstore to find the newest, cheapest beauty remedies, is something i love doing! I will pop into high-end stores as a cheeky treat now and again though!

5.) Are you a bag person or a shoes person? Why?
Well, when i lived abroad, shoes were the way forward. There was such a wider range of shoe types that you could wear in the hot weather, so id love love love to constantly have something new. However, now that im back in the UK, the weather here is fairly chilly and i couldn’t get away with flip flops and sandals, so instead, i now turn to handbags! I love them! You can never have to many!

6.) Which one you go for the most, your eyeshadow drawer or your lipstick stand?
I’ve only recently started with make up further than eyeliner and mascara to be honest! And as far as i’ve tried, i cant find any lipstick that suits my lip shape, they’re just toooooooo big! Also, within the last few weeks, ive figured out eyeshaddow and taken the first step into the expensive world! So i’d have to say eyeshaddow!

7.) Are you a sucker for blushers or rather a foundation/bb/cc/ee crazy person?
BB CREAM FOREVER. Nivea’s BB cream is perffff. The coverage is amazing, and i don’t start to feel claustrophobic wearing it!

8.) Skincare-wise, which category would you rather splurge on, serums or moisturisers?Why?
Moisturisers moisturisers moisturisers! Im all for the natural look, and i cant pull this off unless my skin is in tip top condition!

9.) Your favourite form of foundation; liquid, cream, stick, or powder ones? Why?
Powder, its breathable, and works on top of my bb cream to make the finish a more matte tone, rather than the shiny effect it can give.

10.) If you could do only one thing from the following for the rest of your (makeup) life, which one would it be; contouring, (shimmery) bronzing, (pearly) highlighting? Why?
Contouring! If i knew how to do it, i would! Maybe even highlighting? If i knew more about them and if i could do them, it would be helpful!

11.) Minty breath balls or chewing strips?
Minty breath balls, you pop one in, it dissolves & voila, minty breath! You don’t have to worry about where to put your chewing gum once it goes all hard and tasteless – gross.

11 Q’s for my Nominees:

I don’t really want to make these questions about beauty, make up and fashion, as the blogs i’ve nominated differ slightly. I’m also one of those people who love to get to know people better, and i feel these questions suit this. The range of answers that could come out of these are endless, and this fascinates me! Have fun answering, get creative!

1) If you had to choose one place you’d want to live the rest of your life, where would it be? Why?

2) If someone gave you a brand new DSLR camera, what would the first photo you took with it be? Why?

3) If you could change one thing about yourself, physical, personality wise or other, what would it be? Why?

4) Tea or coffee? Why?

5) Would you rather have a degree and jump straight into a high paid job, or take the independent route and work your way to the top of your dream job, even if it takes 10 years? Why?

6) Cats, dogs, reptiles or other? Why?

7) If i had you choose between a chocolate bar and a large bag of crisps, which would it be? Sweet or savoury? Why?

8) Do you prefer jotting notes down onto a word document, or onto a notepad/piece of paper? Why?

9) Do you prefer writing all your plans/things to do in a diary, or on the calendar on your phone? Why?

10) Whats one thing that can cheer you up on your worst of days? 

11) Who’s the first person you turn to in a time of need? Why?


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