Kiko Milano – Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner Review


kiko milano eyeliner

I have been using this wonderful little pen since i purchased it, and i would seriously recommend it to anyone! I very rarely wore eyeliner unless i was going on a night out as it just took too long to add into my morning routine, but since purchasing this eyeliner pen, that has all changed!

The tip of the pen is very thin, meaning for very precise application, and unlike other eyeliner pens i have tried, very dark and smooth to apply. i have found that it doesn’t pick up/rub out, previous lines of eyeliner that have been drawn as some other brands do, especially liquid eyeliners.

As i’m someone who simply has the flicks on the outer edge of my eye with minimal coverage across the rest of my eyelid, this pen works wonders for me. But for those who like to thrown on the eyeliner thick, this pen may take a while to cover the large area.

On the few occasions that i have left my eyeliner on over night (whoops, i know what you’re going to say… tut tut me), i have woken up the next morning with it still perfectly done! It is definitely long lasting and worth the money. I cant seem to fault it!

You can purchase one for yourself here! Its even currently on sale with 50% off at £3.40 instead of £6.80! 

Grab one before they’re gone!

– Lana xxx

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